BLACK PANTHER REVIEW : Quite different & refreshing setting

   Time           : 5pm
   Day            : Sunday
   Date           : 16th February 2018
   Black Panther is out folks. This movie is the another Marvel Studios production that would set up the Avenger : Infinity War. The setting for this movie is the continuation of Captain America : Civil War where the T'Challa / Black Panther (Chadwick Bosemanfather died and he is crown as the new King. Much like Civil War, Black Panther is revolving around that or to be more precise, a Tribe War. However, it is a war to gain the crown.
  The movie is quite different from the other Marvel movies as the main character is a King himself a.k.a Black Panther the superhero. He has a strong sense of justice and responsibility as both King and superhero. As a premiere movie, it is quite a good one as Black Panther origin story is being told, and his Nation, Wakanda is introduced. The combination of tribe's tradition and advance technology is combined and it gives viewer a refresh view of Marvel universe. Well, apart from Thor, the descendant of King Odin I guess, but  Black Panther is a King himself. While, Wakanda is a secluded nation that thought to be a 3rd World Nation but in fact one of the most advance Nation in the world that is hidden from plain sight.

   Vibranium is once again present in this Marvel story and it is a huge part of Black Panther tribe's background. The antagonist on this one is T'Challa / Black Panther's cousin himself, Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan). He plays a great character as a rival to Black Panther to get on the throne and when he also puts on the suit, it just awesome to watch, a clash between Silver Black Panther & Gold Black Panther. However, even the fight scenes is quite great  Ryan Coogler (the director) shows some lack of skills on presenting Black Panther fighting movement. The character should has more flexibility and panther like movement in fighting. That being said, the fight scenes still gives viewers some satisfaction in my opinion.

   Watching this movie is like watching or playing DOTA games, due to the tribe-ish setting. The character of The Great Gorilla, M'Baku (Winston Duke) is especially has DOTA kind of vibe, and he's a fun character to watch. Other than all the unique characters, you'd also found that the techs and gadgets used by Black Panther is fascinating and well lets admit it, cool. The techs expert in the movie is represent by Black Panther's sister, Shuri (Letitia Wright). It's like watching a female Tony Stark at work. It would be awesome to watch Shuri, Banner and Tony Stark collaboration in upcoming Avenger movies I'd say. Who knows, maybe Stark the Iron Man will become a 'Vibranium' Man. XD

   The tribe war breaks during the last hour of the movie and even it is a small scale one it is still one of the best scene in the movie. It shows Black Panther resolve and determination. After the war, T'Challa once again as a King start to reach out to the outside world and you could see this is a starting line of him becoming one of The Avengers.

   As any Marvel movies, Black Panther also has credit scene and in fact, it has two. One is where T'Challa give a speech in a United Nations Conference and promise to give aid to the world by sharing Wakanda knowledge and techs. The other one is more significant as it is might be a setup for Infinity War. The scene shows Bucky (Sebastian Stan), Captain America's friend from The Winter Soldier. As you already know, in Civil War, Captain America and Black Panther brought Bucky to a facility and try to heal his mind from being controlled by Hydra. The credit scene in Black Panther shows Bucky in a hut and still missing an arm. The kids around him called him White Wolf. This is a character that much like a sidekick to Black Panther in the comic book. So, the scene practically tell us that Bucky will the Black Panther sidekick and more likely to join the Infinity War and definitely Black Panther 2.

   All in all, it is a great movie and I guess it's time to rate the movie now. I hate to rate in numbers so as always I'll just say, Black Panther, is totally approved by Ibrahim Khaziq! :) . Even I don't tell you to go watch it, I think you would go any, being a Marvel fan an all. So, enjoy the movie guys!


Watched at : KLCC
Time           : 5:30 pm 
Day            : Saturday
Date           : 27th January 2018


   The Maze Runner is a trilogy movie that adapted from books with the same name written by James Dashner. Although there's a prologue book with the title of The Kill Order. The recent movie that came out is Maze Runner : The Death Cure. The one before that is The Maze Runner The Scorch Trial and the first one is The Maze Runner. It is impossible to talk about The Death Cure without the other two. It is like the Divergent series or maybe The Lord of The Rings, the movies is a one long journey that continued from one movie to the next one. If you have watched these two movie series you'll know what I mean. 

   Like you already know in the second movie, Minho(Ki Hong Lee) was abducted and The Death Cure is started with an attempt of Thomas(Dylan O'Brian) and his friend saving Minho. They use quite an interesting setup to watch, including what I would like to call a chopper rescue (It is used quite a number of times in this movie but it is still awe~~~some~~).  The resolve of Thomas to rescue Minho got viewers felt for the characters as Minho had mentioned in The Scorch Trial he does not want end up like the other kids that got caught up. Then there's Newt(Thomas Brodie-Sangster) that always go where Thomas go. This trilogy is really is about believe, trust and friendship. The book has written the three element well and the director Wes Ball has portray it well in the three movies. 

  The series progress where the main goal of Thomas and his friends is none other to save their friend Minho while Teresa(Kaya Scodelario)  that had gained her memories back put the world as her priority by researching the cure. The two characters' opinion is clashed and no one wanna backed down. Thomas,Newt and Frypan(Dexter Darden) then make a journey to WCKD HQ which is a city that built within walls (Attack on Titan styles XD ). The group joined by Jorge(Giancarlo Esposito) and Brenda(Rosa Salazar) in the middle then to our surprise, they meet a familiar face. I am not gonna spoil it for you(Hint: Thomas hated the guy), and they also meet the Ugly Face Lawrence(Walton Goggins) that leads a group of Cranks or non-immune to fight with WCKD. 

   The final clash is great to watch as a lot of things happen that give viewers a lot to see. The lunatic side of Lawrence that will caught you by surprise, the reunion of the guys with Minho, the death of some characters(no spoiler either) that would give you a mix up feelings. Dylan O'Brian play Thomas well, as a guy that want to save all friends no matter what. You really just want to root the guys to fight and win. Wes Ball also success to show his skills by putting some good action scenes. Viewers will be on the edge of their seats as the guys always on the run (It is Maze RUNNER after all) and keep on stumble upon dead ends. However, all is well of course, as you book readers know ;). Oh and by the way, the death scenes might make you tear up a little, or at least you will hold your breath and  make sure the guys next to you in cinema does not see your face. The ending scene is somehow satisfying to watch as Thomas read the letter from his late friend. However, when he hold the cure in his hand it left viewers wondering what is the future of the world while they stay at the safe haven. After all Thomas is The Death Cure. 

   All and all, although there are a lot of differences between the books and the movies I still enjoy all three movies. Maze Runner: The Death Cure is approved by Ibrahim Khaziq! ;). Go watch it with your bestfriends!!!

Before I end this, for you viewers that never read the books let me list some of the big differences between the books and the movies. 

First, the one that I really wanted to see actually, in the books Teresa and Thomas can communicate telepathically, in fact Teresa almost go all silent when he woke up in the Glade and only talks to Thomas via telepathy. So is Aris and Rachel by the way, the kids on the other Maze, and this is due to a chip implanted in their brain before they sent to the Glade. 

Second, in Scorch Trial book, the Scorch is actually another Trial they put under after the Maze by none other than WCKD itself. The harsh environment and the Cranks in the Scorch should be the element that could make the cure enzyme produced by the immune kids. 

Third, the Maze in the book and the movie is totally not the same puzzle. The way they solve it also different oviously.

Last but not least, I think the movies not show clear enough that in the book, Thomas is actually one of the important researcher in finding the cure at WCKD before he get rid of his memories and enter the Glade. He and Teresa is actually like the lead researcher. Well, there are a lot of them but if I list it here, well, this will become a long review. So why don't you head to Youtube and watch it for yourself, or you know, you can just read the books. Heheheh.


Watched at : 1 UTAMA GSC
Time           : 9 pm 
Day            : Wednesday
Date           : 3rd January 2018

   Insidious : The Last Key is the continuation of Insidous chapters with Elise Rainier as the main character. Though I said it's a continuation but it seems Insidious series keep on producing prequel as the series goes. This time audience is shown the origin of Elise as a kid and the demon that she released that'll become the main antagonist in this chapter. The chapter also introduce us to Elise's mother and father Gerald and Audrey Rainier played by Josh Stewart & Tessa Ferrer. They play the part quite well I must say as Josh Stewart is always a good actor to play somewhat psycho character, in my opinion.

   Now, for the story line and my overall opinion on this movie is, it's quite a disappointment really. A ghost movie always rated lower than any other movies and I think it is because it isn't scary enough or the story line isn't chilly enough. Most of current ghost movie is all about shocking or frightening the audience and though this movie did has that element, it only has a few of it. As for the story line, the twist for Ted Garza character and Elise's father is quite good but it can't cover the lack of big punch that the audience needed as we expect it is the last chapter. However, you might find they are not done yet with the series. 

   Elise character is doing what's she always doing, enter The Further land to fight a demon. It is all good until she enter the land. The demon with keys hand isn't so frightening anymore. The demon looks like the one in Insidious 3. At the end of the movie the same as other Insidious prequel. the previous characters were introduced and it rotating once again. Since this time I got the tickets and a shirt for free from TV 9 Malaysia (Thank you very much! XD ), I think it makes me feel like the movie is not so bad while they are, a bit. 

   However, I'll say this, the director Adam Robitel is fail to create a chilly environment for the audience that would make them wanting for more. Compared to Annabelle : Creation, Insidious : The Last Key is a weak prequel. Alas, some people might appreciate the fright and twist the movie have to offer. All things considered, I think this movie is just the same as other Insidious movies only with different backgrounds, characters and some twist. Like I said some people might enjoy the movie especially the ones that follow the saga as they would get a peek of Elise's past life. That being said, I hope you guys have a great time watching this movie tomorrow. Insidious : The Last Key, is slightly dissaprove by Ibrahim Khaziq!

P/S : Enjoy your movie. 



   Watched at : KLCC
   Time           : 5pm
   Day            : Sunday
   Date           : 31st December 2017

   The movie is as what its title is like. The greatest show indeed. It is a musical theme movie. The movie is about a guy that has a dream and like to try something different from someone else. Barnum was a typical 'office worker' in his time but it all changes when the company he worked with face a bankruptcy. He try to explore the world of showmanship with his skills to turn the odds toward his favor. It start with a peek of main character future P.T Barnum. Right away with the first song, The Greatest Show that give me goose bump. Hugh Jackman talent in theatrical act is really shown in here. You could see the glimpse of him singing in a theater show like when he used to be. 

   The second song, A Million Dreams  is supposedly sang by the child actor Ellis Rubin that has a soothing voice by the way, along with the young Charity played by Skylar Dunn. I also get a goose bump on this (this happen a lot during the movie by the way) where it portray the journey of the main characters from kids to adulthood. It also show how young Barnum cope to his new life alone which a scene that makes your heart break, might make you tear up a little. 

   The movie put you in an emotional train really, when the characters sad or face a hopeless situation you'll feel like crying and when they are happy or in high spirit you'll feel happy too. This shows the strength of the director Michael Gracey. The camera play, the background and the scenes changing is managed awesomely I'd say. He knows how to capture the feeling of the characters the way it makes you feel for them too.

   For those who are in love you will have a touchy feely moment when Phillip Carlyle and Anne Wheeler played by Zac Efron and Zendaya sing a song called Rewrite The Stars. No worries, the awwww...... moment is there XD. However, it ended with you feel sorry for both characters for their love can not be professed towards each other. Zac and Zendaya successfully show us a love between two people coming from different backround. This is a second song Zac Efron sing in the movie, the first one is with Hugh Jackman, a song called The Other Side. When Zac sing, there you could see a flashback of High School Musical (not my type by the way, sorry Mr. Efron :P ) but upgraded in a million I'd say. You could really see the two characters partnered up in the future and their relationship as future mentor and future apprentice.

   Towards the middle of the movie you could see Barnum is on top of the world where it seems like his dream come true but then as life itself (this is based on true story after all) it all goes down from there and it shows what fame and money can do to people. This movie is like a motivational and life teaching ride that you need to watch and experience. It might change your view towards musical movies and theater. This is truly a must watch movie for the New Year that is coming for a couple of hours now. It will give you in a proper spirit to achieve that New Year goals.

   The end of the movie is strong as the glimpse of the future at the beginning of the movie is resume. I am not gonna spoil it too much for you, so you need to watch for yourself and be inspired by the movie. When the movie finished I feel like clapping and to my surprise, the whole cinema echoed in clapping sounds when the whole cinema seems to agree with me. This is my first time seeing this kind of reaction in a cinema. All in all, I have just watched the greatest show this year, I feel hyped, I cry (just a little mind you), I feel motivated and inspired. So? What are you waiting for? Go watch the movie tomorrow with friends and family. It is a New Year after all. :D. Well, thanks for reading my review! The Greatest Showman? is approved by Ibrahim Khaziq!!! 

P/S : This is the lists of other songs in the movies. Enjoy!!! XD