Friday, March 13, 2015

Work from home

Asslamualaikum and hi...... :)
Recently I've been thinking to start joining any online works. You know, a business where you need to find people to join on advertising online.

JUST WORK FROM HOME. That's just like a writer, right? :)

So, my point is I just found one. Introduced by a trusted friend of mine. So....I trust her. :D

You just need to find people to join you. Not just that You'll also can advertise their advertisement for a side income. Yes, you need effort to gain success.

You can't gain something from doing nothing, no?

It's a good business I tell you. A lot of the members gain at least RM500 a week if they get active in finding people. :)

Anybody interested? Come and join, Leave your phone number on this post. I'll whatsapp you guys.

Come on!!! :D :D :D

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Ok, Now, I've joined a segment hosted by Papaglamz. 
he is one of a popular blogger. So, he make a segment for promoting a school that wanna build their own musolla. So, I join it to both promote and spread the news to others so we can give out help. And yes, I wanna more readers and followers for my blog, but two birds with one stone right. 
Doing some amal and blogwalking. Both.

So, for those who stumble upon my entry, please spread it!!! :)
via media social or other means it doesn't matter. If we spread the news, InshaAllah we too could gained some of the pahala as we spread a good news to others for other to have the opportunity to help those in needs. 

Even, a penny has some worth. Even spreading the words has some worth. This kind of thinking is needed in today society. :D

So.......spread the WORDS!!! 


Supplements and Vitamins

Assalamualaikum and Hi guys..................
Well, I've finish on the random thoughts of mine....for now. :)
The new semester in UiTM Shah Alam has start and I had my first class. A Biocatalyst class. My lecturer talking about enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Then he gives out his opinions on the Vitamins and Supplements that produce in pills. Means that it's not from the natural source such as fruits and veggies.

He said that he's a supplements skeptics. I think what he said was just logic don't you think? I mean, we as a human being supposedly born in perfect conditions which all the nutrients, energy or support we need has been provided for us, where? In this very Earth of course. Right? We don't need any pills or chemicals for us to survive or to be healthy for that matter. Fruits, Vegetables, Meats, Fish.......all food source in this earth are full of nutrients that is enough for us human. It's just that, we human doesn't really take the full advantages of them all.

Healthy food is what we need in our life. Yes, some said that he/she eat fish, meats or vegetables for healthy diet. However, it need to be cooked in a healthy manner first then it'll be a healthy food. If you want protein from fish, then you eat it fried? Do you think you can gain the full amount of protein from the fish? Of course not.

I said this but me myself always eat fried food. Not that you can't eat them, it's just we need to reduce the intake is all. That's my opinion at least.

So, to support this entry of mine, I wanna try to consume healthy food in my daily life. :)

I'm not saying I'm gonna stop taking fried food at this very instant. The crave is there but I'll try my very best to control it and gonna try the new, healthy menu. Where can I get it? Well, from the internet of course.

One more thing, I also gonna create another blog that will be named as 'Try & Error  & Istiqamah"
It will be dedicated for the new things that I'll start to try in my life from this moment onward. I'll write about the activities I'm gonna try and the results of the trial. :D
Then, if I can make it my routine (Istiqamah).

This is a boring entry huh? Well, I'll try to speed up my third short story progress and let you guys read and critics.

Monday, February 23, 2015


Hi guys........................
I wanna talk about one of the reason I restart my blog....................................................................
Once upon a time, there was an auntie, she was supercool. :p

Seriously, this auntie I met in my part time workplace knows all the techno stuffs. She told me about this Nuffnang where you can put advertisements on your blog and when people click on it, it will generate some money. Small amount of money of course, it's just a beginning after all.

To generate more and more money you must do some hard work too ( no free money in this world). Active on your blog, promote them, make followers. Well, Nuffnang is just one of the reason I restart this blog that I've renamed into 'A Writer's Mind'.

Though I still have a long way to go, I have a dream to become a great writer so, getting ideas by writing on blog while generate some side income is good place to start I'd say. :D

Oh, It takes me a while to promote Nuffnang as I decided to write about them when I've got my first click. :) . Well, this is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, take note that my excitement just because I got my very first click, the click only got me RM0.15. :p

Hahahahaha, no matter. Why? because it is fun I tell ya.

I plan on continue this activity of mine and......if it's God's will that I hit a success then I want to publish my book. InshaAllah......................

Some encouragement would be nice. :)

Love to share with my family and friends............................................................................................

P/S : Continue to imagine, because from imagination it can turns into dream, and the dreams can turns into reality with a formula..... Effort, Pray, and Faith.

Friday, February 20, 2015


Lagi sekali mngejoinkan diri dalam giveaway. Tapi this one has RM1000 worth giveaway stuffs. Syaratnye....? Omak aih, ponek den nak meluluskan diri.

Nasib baik banyak masa lapang lepas kerja. (Bangun lambat le jawabnye aku esok)

Okeh2. Aku hanya nak memperbanyakkan lagi penyertaan untuk giveaway en, syafiq kite nih, sambil menarik followers and readers for my blog of course. :D

Ape pun, berbaloi la join giveaway ni, hadiah pun lumayan habih, dapat promote blog aku disamping itu (cewah).


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Giveaway 7 HARI by Syira Lokman

Hi guys. Disebabkan aku baru mula ataupun restart aku punya blog, so aku dinasihatkan untuk join, program atau event yang dihost oleh blogger2 yang lain. :)
Giveaway adalah salah satu daripadanya. Apa salahnyekan, sambil cuba untuk meramaikan follower sambil dapatkan peluang menang hadiah. Win-win orang kata.

Giveaway yang aku join adalah giveaway Syira Lokman. Wish me luck, maybe I'll win some bonus gift from her. Bolehlah daripada tak ada, hehehehe.

OK, sesiapa yang bloggers tu terbaca post aku tu (Kalau terbacelah ye) jomlah meramaikan lagi entry sebelum giveaway Syira ditutup pada 16/2/15.


Click link diberi untuk join. :D


Ok, sampai masa cakap pasal Takoyaki. Gerai tempat aku kerja masa cuti semester ni. Masih lagi kerja sana, sampai hujung bulan 2. 
Sebelum kerja sana aku tak pernah pula dengar pasal benda alah Takoyaki ni. Baca pernah le, itu pun dalam komik. (One Piece)

Macam sedap je nengoknye. Masa dapat kerja di gerai ni, aku on the way nak pergi walk in interview ke ICity, sekali bos Tako telefon kata ada kerja kosong. Aku timbang punya timbang, aku pun terima kerja di gerai Tako. Kenapa? Sebab boleh dapat experience masak dan makan Tako, ye tak? Kerja ICity? Dapat experience tengok orang bersuka ria je lah. 

Okeh, gerai Tako, Gerai ni dibuka di seksyen 7 Shah Alam Selangor. Seberang Pusat Komersial, di belakang Jakel, dalam Foodcourt Roshni, gerai bernama MyTakoyaki. (Kalau tak jumpa juga tak tahu le aku)

Aku kerja dengan adik aku, memasak Tako setiap hari. Golek, goreng. Golek, goreng, dan golek dan goreng. Masaknye tak adalah lama mana pun, dalam 7-10 minit je. Kalau order satu, cepatlah siap. Order 3-4 pax lambat sikitlah. Normal la, betul?

Okeh, aku nak promotelah sikit, dah aku kerjanye memasak Takoyaki setiap hari. Marilah cube2 datang ke foodcourt roshni kite ni. Bukan gerai Takoyaki je ada, Hot and Roll team ada, Pak Wan Noodle, hah lagi satu yang unik sikit, aiskrim tapai. 

Banyak lagi ada, kedai makan dah tentulah ada (Kalau tak, tak adalah dipanggil foodcourt). Kedai keropok lekor, kedai air jambu, kedai pau dan dimsum. So, selain mempromote Takoyaki ni, aku nak gak la memperkenal kedai member2 seperniagaan ataupun seper'part time'an.

First, yang aku dah try. Hot and Roll, korang mesti ada yang pernah dengar. H&R ni franchise juge. Mereka jual banyak jenis wraps dengan inti2 yang best punye. Aku pernah try, chicken and cheese, banana & chocolate dan peanut butter and chocolate. Rasa dia agak sedap, kenyang pun kenyang. Sesuai untuk breakfast or minum petang. Yang berdiet pun boleh try.....tanpa cheese of course. 

Second, Pak Wan noodle. Hmm, yang ini memang terangkat habis makan mee kari dia. Tambah pulak ayam panggang. Sedap gilerrr! Pak Wan ni banyak juga jenis mee lain2. Mee bebola daging pun ada. Aku dah try mee kari dan mee kari + ayam panggang. Cukup aku cakap sedap sampai mangkuk pun aku jilat. Memang best la buat lunch. (Thumbs up to Pak Wan)

Then, satu lagi kedai depan gerai kami, menjual aiskrim tapai. Ye, memang tak pernah dengar, tapi boleh tahan jugak rasenye. Gerai ni ada jual tapai ubi dan tapai pulut original sekali. Aiskrim dia ada dua jenis, aiskrim tapai ubi dan aiskrim tapai pulut. Shake pun ada dua jenis yang sama. Aku dah try semua, :) . Aiskrimkan, time cuaca panas2 tu try la makan. Sedap pun sedap.

Okeh, last sekali mestilah nak promote gerai tempat aku buat part time. Gerai Takoyaki. Gerai kami ni buka dari jam 10pagi sampai 9malam, setiap hari. So, marilah berkunjung kalau nak merasa Takoyaki, juadah yang datang dari Jepun. Jangan risau, semua ramuan halal belaka (aku yang masak memang le halal). Tako nih asal dia bebola berinti sotong, tapi zaman sekarang semua benda orang improvisekan, so kami sediakan tiga lagi inti selain sotong, iaitu, sosej cheese, udang dan crab stick. Rasa dia? Ait, kalo tak sedap tak adalah aku promote, tak caya tanye budak kerja al-ikhsan sebelah Jakel tu. Setakat ni, mahu lebih sepuluh kalilah dia datang makan. :D . Ini snapshot kami memasak untuk ramai gilerr (cewah) pelanggan yang datang pada hari Sabtu dan Ahad.



 Haaa, yang pakai cap, baju biru muka control tu akulah tu, Akak yang selamba tu bos gerai. Dia datang sekali-sekala menjenguk. Sekarang aku dengan adik aku yang jaga kedai dia. :)
Akhir kata mai2 lah datang merasa Takoyaki kami dan pelbagai lagi juadah dari gerai2 yang aku sebut tadi juga gerai2 yang tak tersebut. :p .
Serius, foodcourt ni ada macam2, Dari gerai mamak, gerai keropok lekor sampailah ke gerai yang jual beg2 dan baju. Kedai emas punnn ade (akak yang jual tu antara peminat Tako gak tu).

Ok, sekian dari aku yang dah pun bercerita panjang lebar pasal Foodcourt Roshni tempat aku kerja untuk semester break.

JOM TRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!