Time           :7:45 pm
Day            : Thursday
Date           : 8 August 2018

     Assalamualaikum and hi guys...I've been quiet for the past 2-3 months it seems. It's not like I need time to think about something. It's just I have not watched any movies since then. The last movie I watched was Deadpool 2. It was 2 days before Ramadhan. I
would like to write a review about it but I guess it is not appropriate to do so. You know, since they have a lot of censored/dark jokes. :P
   Some people may like them but some might don't. Furthermore I need to focus on fasting at that time. :) . No matter about that, I'm back now. Watching and writing. I think this movie I'm about to review is one of the reason I got to write again here. Got me inspired again, to write that is. It is just that my procrastination habit is hard to beat sometimes. Hahahaha
   Okay, done with catching up, now unto the movie please. Pulang, As you could guess,from my previous reviews, that do not has even one Malay movie review yet. That is because I am not a fan. After a movie called 'KIL', Pulang is the second Malay movie I watched in the cinema. I am not here to talk about that though, lets just review the movie ya? :)
   First of all the Cinematography is not like any other Malay movie so far. They use quiet a lot of green screens and a lot of props it seems. The scenery was breathtaking. It was like you watch a world in your imagination come to life. I'm not giving more credit than it deserve, believe me. You need to be there to feel it kinda thing. :)
   Second, the story line. It was plotted so good that you will never get bored with it.    Well yeah it has romance scene like any other typical Malay movie but the director(Kabir Bhatia) doesn't indulge you in it too much you see. They showed it quickly and move to the first hurdle the characters need to face in one quick motion. Oh, I should introduce you the characters first I guess. :P

The main character is Othman (Remy Ishak) and Cik Thom(Puteri Aishah). They fall in love at the first sight and it was well put by the director. I feel giddy inside watching it. (Yeah I'm a human too, you know). Then like I said, they don't waste time on that, the couple got married and have a son name Omar(Azrel Ismail). There is also Othman's best friend name Lum(Alvin Wong). These four is the main protagonist in the movie. Continue on the story line, the writers(Mira Mustaffa and Ahmad Izham Omar) is too great at telling the stories to the audience. They packed a lot of situation and scenes into one plot of story but not too overwhelming. Throughout the movie you will see a love story, fight scenes (has a kung fu vibe in it, at least I feel like that), Titanic kinda scenes (I'm gonna let you guess which one is it when you watch it), suspense scenes, mystery plot and a lot of family values. 
   Third, the set up of the movie is refreshing. It was 1940s, so the background, the clothing and the way of speaking is totally different from us Malays right now. Some of the characters is so good at bringing that values out. Especially the actress playing Cik Thom. Lets just say you can quote lots of what the characters said in the movies. :P . The actors also have done a good job at making the audience to feel emotional and having empathy towards the characters. The song helps too...

   However, even the CGI effect is quite great, they could still improve some of it on the 'storm at the sea' scene and a lot more for 'the fire on the ship' scene. Remy Ishak also could improve some of the acting in the CGI background (Sorry Mr Remy sir, :P , just saying what's on my mind while watching the movie). I do enjoy the friendship between Othman and Lum though. They make it believable and you could feel the value of friendship that will never ceased through time. It also brings me joy to see that they have the sense on tiny details as to match the young character and old character's actor. Especially, Omar character. You could see the resemblance from he was young to becoming a young man and finally an old man.
   I don't want to write on the story line so much since I want you, the ones that still not watch it, to enjoy them. The main story line will makes you wonder and wonder and wonder why it happen. Why Othman doing this. I'll be honest that it caught me off guard when the ending present itself. You thirst for the answer and when you got it, well you might gonna have some teary eyes.....or a lot. Hahahaha (Don't forget to bring a tissue then). As for the stubborn one like me, well you might not crying (need to control your macho right?) but you'll definitely feel frustrated by it. Let just say it gonna touch your heart a little, or grab your heart in whole. Who knows huh?
   All I can say, kudos to the director, writers, and actors in this film and I hope the other future Malay cinematic experience will improved a bunch like this one. I heard that in the first week they collect 1 Million already and the second week even more. Congrats! Go watch it guys! You will not regret it, I can assure you by giving a Ibrahim Khaziq approve on this one. :) . Toodles!

Avengers : Infinity War Part 1 Review

Avengers : Infinity War Part 1 Review *Spoilers Alert*


Time           :10:00pm

Day            : Wednesday

Date           : 25th April 2018

  Avengers : Infinity War is finally here guys. We've waited long enough for it and it is time to go all geeky and die hard fan-y about it. The movie is 2 hours 30 minits long and when I was watched it, they start the movie right away without any trailers at the start. Because it is just that long. The movie started by continuing Thor : Ragnarok. At the post credit of Thor : Ragnarok, Thor(Chris Hemsworth), Hulk(Mark Ruffalo), Loki(Tom Hiddleston), and Heimdall(Idris Elba) with a bunch of Asgardians & the revolution prisoners was on a ship to earth when they are stopped by another spaceship. You guess it right, it is Thanos(Josh Brolin) and the gang, The Black Order. Thanos completely wrecked their ship and kill 2 people on the ship. Hulk, for the first time feel how being beaten and he refuse to come out for the rest of the war when Banner call for him. Heimdall send Hulk to the earth with his power and then Thanos use the Power Stone (Oh yes, he already got it from the city it was sealed on) to make Thor's spaceship blow up. Before that as you may know, Loki has taken the Space Stone aka Tesseract from Odin's vault and he being the mischief one, present it to Thanos. (There's a twist though, don't wanna spoil it for you).

   Right from the start, the movie doesn't allow you to rest as Thanos already get his hands on two infinity stones. I tell you, don't take your eyes away from the screen cause you might miss the awesome scenes, which by the way, every scenes they have. As you guys might have guessed and a lot of you fans certainly has read the comics, the war claimed a lot of lives. I'm not gonna tell you who's gonna die, you just have to watch it. The two stones Thanos had is really the the key ingredients for him to use the Gauntlet and find the other stones. You see, the Power Stone act as the battery to the Gauntlet to harness all the other stones power and the Space Stone allow him to go wherever in the universe, where the stones could be found. The other four stones are Time Stone (hold by Dr. Strange), Mind Stone (on Vision(Paul Bettany) forehead), Reality Stone (in the middle of Knowhere) and the Soul Stone where the location is still a mystery until Infinity War. Thanos spread the Black Order and himself to find the stones. He went after Reality stones and the Black Order go to earth for Time Stone and Mind Stone.

   The Black Order is supposedly the commanders for Thanos and in the comics, they posses quite strong abilities to match with The Avengers. They are Proxima Midnight(Carrie Coon), Ebony Maw(Tom Vaughan-Lawlor), Black Dwarf(Terry Notary) and Corvus Glaive(Michael James Shaw). Corvus and Proxima is the master of hand to hand combat and Corvus has a staff that make him immortal when he hold it, so Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) & Vision made the right choice to use the staff against him. Black Dwarf has the strength and a hammer/axe that could be thrown around. Maw is on another level, due to his telepathic ability. He is one the best as a villain in the movie, in my opinion. 

   The Avengers also spread out to handle Thanos and Black Order. The first team is consist of Thor, Rocket(Sean Gunn) and Groot(Vin Diesel). A teenage Groot is, well being a teenager with game on his hand all the time, :P but rather useful when needed. The second team is Peter Quill(Chris Pratt), Gamora(Zoe Saldana), Drax(Dave Bautista) and Mantis(Pom Klementieff). They made the team after Guardian of Galaxy fellow save Thor from the exploded spaceship. The third team is consist of Dr Strange(Benedict Cumberbatch), Iron Man(Robert Downey Jr.) & SpiderMan(Tom Holland), that later combine force with Quill's team. The fourth team is went to Wakanda to extract Mind Stone from Vision forehead and they are Captain America(Chris Evans), Black Widow, Vision, Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen),Black Panther(Chadwick Boseman), White Wolf(Sebastian Stan), Falcon(Anthony Mackie), War Machine(Don Cheadle) and Banner (No Hulk at this point) with a bunch of Wakanda warriors like Okoye, M'Baku and Shuri. 

   There is so much going on in the movie but they directors make a great job to make sure viewers could keep up with it. They are not overwhelming viewers and still awesome to watch. There are a lot of significant scene as well, like when Black Panther shout Wakanda Forever! Iron Man reveal his nanotech suits (not made by Vibranium though, as much as we want it to), and the most awesome and give you goosebumps scene is when Thor came with his new weapon StormBreaker. He could use it to teleport now and it was an Axe with Groot hand as its handle! making the weapon is the first team objective, before facing Thanos. While Quill' team want to get Reality Stone & Soul Stone first before Thanos. Iron Man team want to bring down Thanos at Titan(Thanos' birthplace). However, Thanos ultimately, successfully gather all stones. The Soul Stone is somewhere you never heard of but with a familiar face guarding it, or should I say a familiar skull? Like i said and like in the comics, Thanos got all Infinity Stone and the last one he get is the Mind Stone on Vision head. 

   The last fight scene is between Thor and Thanos. Thor come flying and put his axe inside Thanos' chest and Thanos said "You should've gone for the head" then snap his fingers. What happen next, well I leave that to your imagination. Thor is as confuse as us after Thanos leave with Space Stone. Then it happen. :'( . My heart break when the scene goes to Titan where Iron Man and Quill team are. This is another setting for the next war with Thanos as part 2 already confirmed a to be released a year from now. The sentence 'Thanos will return' is written on the screen. Not before they show the post credit scene though. The scene show Nick Fury and Mariah in the city on a car. They discuss how they can't communicate with Iron Man on Titan, then the city when into chaos after Thanos snap his fingers. At the last minute, Nick press a button on his device send a code red signal to someone. The device fall to the ground and an insignia shown. Well let me spoil this one for you as you might already know it. It was Captain Marvel insignia! She was one of the most powerful hero in Marvel universe. So a bunch of other superheroes would certainly make an entrance on Avengers : Infinity War Part 2 I guess. :)

    All in all the movie is worth the wait! Even it was Wednesday, the cinema is full of people!! It was a great,great experience as viewers got into it, clapping, shouting and gasping as the movies unfold. No mention needed for the funny moments, as they are always a lot of it shown in every Marvel movie. I especially love the scene when Iron Man call Maw Squidward, that came out of no where and it was super funny. XD . Then again, a lot that came out of Mr.Stark mouth is funny. There's also Banner/Hulk conflict that'll make you laugh. 

   I always a fan of Iron Man since the first movie and has became Thor's fan since Ragnarok. I always hate Captain America guts since Civil War though (Sorry but not sorry Evans :P ). I love this new funny kid Spiderman and the cool and steady Black Panther. The funny bunch of Guardian of Galaxy and the mystical Dr.Strange. Putting them together in a movie giving me a great experiences and I love them even more, except for Captain America, pfft! :P . 

   Well, I shall wait for the next Avengers movie and the mean time try to figure out if there were any hints in the movie that give away how the next war will come down to. In my opinion, when Dr Strange in Titan, and he see the possible outcomes in the future, he knows he need to give up the Time Stone for that 1 possibility of winning come true. That's why he said 'There's no other way' or something along that line to Tony Stark. The Soul Stone and Mind Stone also not yet shown its power, which I guess will be a significant game changer in the next movie. They also take Dr Strange out of the picture to make sure that one possibility of winning is not revealed until it's the time. So, this Infinity War is really a set up for Part 2 that coming up. Well, this is a long review isn't it? 

   Lets end it here, Avengers : Infinity War is without a doubt is the best Marvel Movie so far and well no negative critiques for it other than it need to be longer than 160 minutes! :D. What are you waiting for?! Go watch it now and believe me when I said you need to watch it as soon as you can to avoid all the spoilers because really, after watch it you just wanna spill all the spoilers all around because it was that tempting. Or you know, you could always shut yourself out from social media and internet before you go watch it on the weekend. (Yeah, like that gonna happen huh?). Avengers : Infinity War is 1000% approved by Ibrahim Khaziq!!!! Toodles!

A QUIET PLACE REVIEW : Unique Storyline and Great Acting

Time           :3:45pm
Day            : Saturday
Date           : 14th April 2018

   Hello the folks on the internet! I am here again to talk about movies. Well, I thought I have watched movies that I should watched until I saw reviews on A Quite Place movie. It's a monster based movie but it gets such a high rate. Rotten Tomatoes gave it 95% rate and personally I think that's quite high for the movie. Ok, lets start.

   The movie is based around a unique storyline where the world is in 2020, and now terrorized by monsters that are blind but has really sharp hearing ability. So, the people learnt to live their life quietly, and they are not even talking to each other! However, this movie is in the perspective of a family. a father, a mother, a daughter, and two son. Right of the bat, the movie start with showing the family scavenging for supplies in an abandoned store and they look very careful not to make any noise at all. They speak through sign language, and they walk barefoot on a sand trail they made. The father is played by John Krasinski (Lee Abbot) while the mother is played by Emily Blunt named Evelyn. 


   Viewers will have to wonder when they gonna start talking and why they don't. It's very clever of the director and the story writers to show the viewers what happen if you make a noise right at the beginning of the movie. You know, before viewers getting bored and trying to make sense of it all. The youngest child Beau(Cade Woodward), that don't know anything and has to be very stubborn make a noise with his toy spaceship and it would take you by surprise when a very fast creature run and grab him before his father could. This very scene would make you sit quietly and watch the movie without questioning why they don't make any sounds.

    I really think this is a unique movie in its own way, cause hey, they only use about seven actors and with just a couple of lines but they produce a great movie out of it just with superb acting and the storyline. Honestly, I think the trailer don't do them justice because lets admit it, you would think it is just an ok movie or maybe a bad one just by watching the trailer. You can watch it by clicking on the tittle up there, but I don't blame them for that because well, it is hard to pick a scene for a trailer when you only has a bunch of no dialogue scenes. 

   I don't want to talk about the summary of the story because most of you might already watched it anyway. I just wanna point out why they make such a fuss and giving great review to the movie. Like I said, it is mainly because of the acting. The way Lee and Evelyn live day by day struggling to keep their children safe is so real and it moved your heart. The sacrifices made by parent to save their love ones. However, kids being kids they don't really appreciate it enough till the very end, just like Regan (Millicent Simmonds) and Marcus (Noah Jupe), the children. Oh by the way, they also make Regan the daughter a deaf individual that need a hearing aid. This is in a way ironic cause here we are with a super hearing ability creature and on the other side there are a deaf girl try to survive from being preyed by it. By the way, the creature kinda remind me of Demmigorgon in The Stranger Things (a great tv series (S1 only) by Duffer Brothers). 

   Secondly, the unique back story, which is not yet produced by any other recent movies in its category, a monster based movie. That is why people all hype about it and gave it a high rating. I am not saying it don't deserve it, it is just not as mind blown as some other mind blowing movies before it. So I think an 80%-85% rating is just quite enough, not as high as 95%. This is because they still has room for improvement and I guess I have watched a bunch of great movies throughout the year. If you want to say it is 'one of the great' fine, I agree with you but if you say it is 'the greatest movie' well I think you don't watch enough greater movies in your life. :P . Sorry, not to sound so critical but I just say what is in my mind you see.


   When Avenger : Infinity War come out, I bet people will stop tweeting and posting about how this is a great movie on 2018. Oh and don't forget Fantastic Beast : The Crime of Grindelwald! XD

   However, I do admit A Quite Place will make you feel like 'oh, I never expect this turn out to be a great movie' feeling. I recommend you to watch it if you still don't before they stop showing it. You will be on the edge of your seat when Evelyn trying to deliver a baby quietly (Yeah, I bet you will feel like to scream along with her). Oh that is the most unsettling scene in the movie. If you fond of the curse words, you'll be saying 'oh sh*t' quite a lot. Lee, the father will show you the great length of a father would do to protect their children and if you fond of the water works, bring a tissue with you.

   No doubt it is one of the great movie I have watched but it still has a lot of unanswered questions and I am not good with this kind of movie, I mean I can try to deduce it but it just not fun that way. It still making my top 10 list anyway. So! A Quite Place is approved by Ibrahim Khaziq! Go watch it!

   To me, the greatest movie I have watched is Mother! ..... :P. Just kidding, the movie sucks in every way possible. Since we are on the topics, go watch The Greatest Showman, The Prestige, The Usual Suspect and some other potentially mind blowing movies. Those are some old movies, go check 'em out! Till next time!

RAMPAGE REVIEW : Generic but Intense

Watched IMAX!!!
Time           :2:00 pm
Day            : Thursday
Date           : 12 April 2018
   Hiya folks. Dwayne Rock Johnson is coming again to the screen, with Rampage. After Jumanji, the guy come out to play with animal again. This time with George (not the jungle) the white gorilla. Rampage is out today, and I will share with you a little bit about the movie. The movie is about an attempt of creating biological weapon gone wrong (though if it gone right, it'll still be wrong). Rock playing as a primatologist named Davis Okoye (He also an ex-army) that save animals from poachers. His best buddy is George the albino gorilla. The movie is quite generic, like San Andrea but with cool action to support it. It all start with a space station blow up and send three canisters filled with pathogen flying back to the earth. 

   The pathogen then infected three animal nearby and change them inside out. They grow rapidly and change into animal with combined genetic traits. The animal are, George, the gorilla, Ralph the Wolf and a big ass crocodile. These three are the main reasons viewer would want to watch this movie in my opinion. Who doesn't love watching big animals rampaging through the city, right? :P . Later we found Dr.Kate Caldwell (Naomie Harrisis the one creating the pathogen, and she join Davis to put a stop to the rampage. 
   However, don't think the big animals is their only enemy, the real monster here is Claire Wyden(Malin Akerman) and her brother, the faces behind the biological weapon. She really is a cold bast**d and if the director care to twist the plot a bit, she really could shine even more, in term of evil maniac that is. The storyline is basically, Rock and a couple of his new friends trying to get an antidote to cure all three animals before they wreck havoc in Chicago city. My guess is, you would find, the big gorilla is quite alright cause, hey, everyone watched King Kong right? While the big wolf is quite cool, I mean wolf is already a cool creature, when they become bigger naturally the coolness increase too. XD
   What truly terrifying is the big crocodile. It really looks scary and it is the one would get the scenes more and more intense till the fight scene between the crocodile with George. It makes viewer think how would that thing could be put down for good. I will not describe all the fight scene because it is all the movies has to stay interesting enough so you will go watch it. Apart from fight scenes, there are also a number of funny moment when George show its twisted sense of humor at the start and the end of the movie. While the sad scene, isn't gonna make you cry but only feel a little frustrated. 

   Another character that pique my interest is Harvey Russell (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). His cowboy-ish style and accent is quite interesting to watch. He also just stay cool and steady till the end while everyone running around trying to save a city from three big monsters. If I am not mistaken the actor played as John Winchester in Supernatural series, now in that, I hate the guy but in this movie he's cool. 
   Before I end this, I want to point out some of the things that makes me wonder. While the wolf and crocodile underwent huge changes in their body apart of being bigger, George doesn't, and no one in the movie point that out. Second, the fact that Davis still can go running around after being shot by Claire, but i think this could be forgiven. The guy is The Rock after all, you would expect him to get up even after hit by a truck. Third like I said earlier, Claire the evil mastermind could do so much more to make sure her plan works. She got the time and the means to stop and use the animal to do her bidding but I guess she just a stup*d evil woman at the end. :P

   Well, nothing more to say about this movies. I guess I'll put it like this, if you'd like to see a big ass gorilla, wolf and crocodile destroying a city and kill a bunch of people, then by all means, go watch the movie. If you settle by just watching the trailer then don't. I feel like I am not being helpful again, but who cares, huh? 

   All in all, Rampage is neither approved or disapproved by Ibrahim Khaziq! Toodles!.


Time           :11:45pm
Day            : ?????
Date           : ?????
   Hi guys, this one is actually the one I forgot to write right away after watch it. :P . Well you know how when you ask your friend to watch movies there always a question of, "what movie should we watch?" kinda like asking your friend where to eat. Right? XD . So, since I don't want to be bias I go watch all new movies I can and write it for you guys to think it over if it's worth to watch or not. I will usually go alone if no one interested in the movie (no shame in that btw, it's quite refreshing actually :D) & considered that as my alone time, from the hectic and work. 
   So, lets jump into this movie. The Strangers, is another production from a movie with the same name before. If you can remember, if you can't just google it right now. If you are too lazy, click this then The Strangers. This new movie is about a family that need to move out into a trailer house to send their youngest child into a boarding school. There, meet three strangers that hunt them down without any reason at all. Let me tell you now, I am not easily scared by current ghost or horror movies because they always use the same jump scare tactics. However, this one send chill to my spine. It is really a generic like the first movie, but the setting though would makes you uncomfortable sitting on your seat.
   It is not helping that when I enter the cinema hall, the attendant leave the hall dark not like usual. You know, usually they put the light on at the beginning. It is also not super helpful that it was 11:45 pm and apart from me there are only 2-3 more people inside the cinema that all sitting behind my seat row. These might add to the factors that I found the movie quite scary. Well lets look at the actors, the father and mother played by Martin Henderson (Mike)& Christina Hendricks (Cindy_that at first I thought is Sandra Bullock) respectively. While the son and daughter is  Lewis Pullman (Luke) & Bailee Madison (Kinsey). Kinsey is the one with the problem and sent to boarding school. She and Luke seems like they hated each other when the movie start. It all started when they arrive at the trailer park in the middle of the night and a knock heard on their door. A girl standing in front of their door and asking for Tamara, which they thought the girl got a wrong trailer. 
   This is where it start to get creepy, because the whole trailer park seems like abandoned and there, a girl knocking on your door then walk away in the middle of the night, in the middle of no where.  No need to hold your breath for spoiler because I think you already know there will be some victims here. The first kill remind me of Red John in The Mentalist with the smiley face on the mirror. :) . Well, two of them got killed while the other two continue to fight the strangers and survive with a permanent trauma in their life. The run and chase is truly get to you if you could imagine being in the victims shoes. It's so terrifying. What truly scary and mess up is that the three strangers are just three people without any connection to the victims. They just do it for fun. The Man in The Mask, The DollFace and The Pin-Up Girl. These three strangers with the wicked taste in mask just show up and kill anyone that happen to be there. 

   I don't want to explain a lot on the storyline because it doesn't matter in this movie. it only about a family being hunted by three strangers. No plot twist, no 'he's the real killer' scene, there's only a question of where these strangers come from and what is their real face looks like. Although you could see the DollFace real face right before she was shot to death, it doesn't matter because she's a freaking stranger that you just don't know who and why she doing this. Which a question that surely playing on the victims mind. 

   Ok, that's it from me, you not gonna get anymore spoiler like usual. You just have to watch this one by yourself. Although I do recommend do not watch alone and do not take midnight session if you are a chicken. XD . I have to walk out alone in the mall after the movie end around 1 am when I went watching this. I kept looking over my shoulder the hold time and have to convince myself my Grab driver isn't that kind of stranger. What a night! Hahahah. All in all, Ibrahim Khaziq not approve or disapprove The Strangers : Prey at Night. You just has to watch and decide for yourself. :) (Not helpful, I know). 

READY PLAYER ONE REVIEW: Makes Gamers Dream Come True

Watched! IMAX 3D!!!
Time           :5:15 pm
Day            : Sunday
Date           : 1st April 2018
Hi guys, Ready Player One is on the cinema right now. I am sure a lot of you had watched the trailer. If not, just click on the tittle above to watch right now. A game based movie that of course, adapted from a book with the same tittle, written by Earnest Cline. In this world, a video game created in the year of 2035 by a guy named Anorak / Halliday (Mark Rylance) . It's called an Oasis. The game is a RPG base where all of us could enter virtually and do anything in there, by using our Avatar. The main character is Wade(Tye Sheridan) with and avatar called Parzival. He spend most of his days life inside Oasis and make friends in there that he never met in real life. 

   The movie starts with introducing main character that telling us a story of how Halliday create the game and then one day, passed away. After he's dead, a video message posted into Oasis that challenge all player to find an Easter Egg he hide inside the Oasis. The person found it would inherit his share in his company, and has a complete control over Oasis. Halliday said nothing about a clue except to find a Copper, Jade and Crystal key. The world Wade live is a world 5 years after that happen. After 5 years not even one person could find the first clue or the first key Halliday left.
   Although Wade mention someone has found the first challenge, which is a car race. Wade always participate with his friend, Aech / Helen (Lena Waithe)  a rather big fellow(avatar). Until today no one ever finish the race. They always failed right before the finish line. Destroyed by a big King Kong, and at this moment Wade meet with Art3mis / Samantha (Olivia Cooke) which is famously known as the Sixers killer. Who is the Sixers? Well basically players employed by a rival company of Halliday that try to get the Easter Egg and control Oasis. 

   Eventually Wade got clue from what you could call Halliday Library which all information about him is archived there. Wade found a cheat of some sort to the car race and finally become the first player to get his hand on the Copper Key. Then Art3mis also get the key cause she saw Wade cheat. Wade then told his best friend Aech who blab to a guy named Daito (Win Morisaki) who told his best friend Sho (Philip Zhao). So now 5 players got the key and they kinda group together as a clan that called High 5. They also got a clue for the Jade Key and this where the adventure starts. In this adventure, you would found that, the rival company, IOI, would do anything to get the Easter Egg, even killing people. Yes! They kill people to get control of a game! This all controlled by Sorrento (Ben Mendelsohn) an IOI executive. 
   It's always fun to watch the players running around in Oasis and try to figure out the clue. This movie definitely gonna hook some gamers to watch it. You would wish to have Oasis in your life. The story continue with IOI kill Wade's aunt and make him a wanted man. He then found Art3mis in real life and they together with the other High 5 continue to pursue Jade Key and then Crystal Key. IOI hire an assassin called I-R0k (.J. Miller) which you could guess from the name, also a joker. He'sthe one found Wade true identity in real life. 

   Although Oasis is kinda cool for gamers and a lot of us would want it in our life, this movie shows how mess up the world could be if this kind of game released out. Oasis makes people don't want to live their everyday life and get a debt that they can't pay because they spent their money on the game. Wade, the hardcore Oasis player also little by little realize this, with the help of Art3mis. Anyway, they got their Jade Key in The Shining movie (don't ask me, just go watch). Then the last obstacle come when they want to get the Crystal Key. IOI found the location first and put up a shield to prevent anyone else enter the final location. At this time Art3mis has been caught and force to work to settle her father's debt with IOI.

Oh by the way, since Oasis is an open world game type, they let you become any character you want, as the game themed, they have a lot of easter egg for viewers to find. Although some are obvious than the rest. Like, Aech's Iron Giant, Wade's Back to The Future car, and Daito's Gundam! You could look around and find any characters you recognize while watching the movie later, it could be fun. Especially in the last scene where a war breaks between IOI and the rest of Gunters (Egg Hunter) lead by Wade or Parzival. Art3mis success in destroying the shield IOI put up, from inside. A bunch of High 5 got killed (their avatar that is) during this war and when Sorrento use an artifact to wipe out all avatar on the location, Parzival survive, thanks to the mystery man (go watch to know who).   

   The last challenge is to find an easter egg in  the first game that has created an easter egg, which is easy for Wade, the hardcore gamer. As you could guess, Wade found the Easter Egg and share the wealth and right to control Oasis with his friends. Wade also shut down Oasis for 2 days to make sure the players their life in the real life too. :P
All in all, the movie graphic is quite great. However, I do not recommend to watch it in 3D. I watched it in iMAX 3D and found there's not a lot of 3D worth scenes. Apart from Jurassic World trailer. :P . The storyline also has a nice flow in it, but you could see that it is not developed enough to cover the main characters life and principal as I am sure explained in details in the book. Alas, I think a lot of you would enjoy this movies because it has a refreshing setting and well, the director is Steven Spielberg and I know some of you are a fans. So go watch it now, Ready Player One approved by Ibrahim Khaziq!!!


Watched! IMAX!!!
Time           :5:15 pm
Day            : Thursday
Date           : 22nd March 2018

   Pacific Rim Uprising is out today. It's the continuation of the first movie, Pacific Rim. This movies rings the hype that could bring the love for robots start again. I always thought of it as a combination of Gundam or Zoids with Ultraman. This is due to the big robots and Kaiju or big monsters they introduced. For those that still doesn't watch the first movie (well, you should) this movie is regarding a world where Kaiju exists. The monster was brought out by a portal to another dimension opened by hostile aliens. Humanity try to fight back by creating a monster of their own called a Jaeger. The first movie showed a character called Stacker Pentecost(Idris Elba) and Raleigh Becket (played by Charlie Dunham) to pilot the Jaegers. There also Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi) a japanese girl that Stacker take in and eventually become a pilot in the first movie. The main Jaeger that used in this first movie is called Gypsy Danger that later upgraded into Gypsy Avenger in the second movie.

   The Uprising, is more exciting I'm telling you as a bunch of more Jaegers introduced. The protagonist is Jake Pentecost (John Boyega) the son of the fallen hero in the first war. The story starts with introduction of this character and how he lives his life. John Boyega certainly play the character well as a son longing for his father approval. He also shows a laid back attitude of the character well as if he is the character himself. We then found that Mako is now in the higher up position, and of course, Jake treat her like his real big sister. The fun starts when the Scrapper's pilot appear, Amara Namani (Cailee Spaeny) that build her own Jaeger and shows the audience a good fun ride when Scrapper vs November Ajax. 

   Like I said earlier, you will love robots again after this movie so buckle up and learn the Jaegers name I'm about to mention. :)

 In this age, an unauthorize Jaegers is consider dangerous and the rogue Jaeger will be put down, and I guess November Ajax has that duty. The meet of Jake and Amara end up with they getting caught and Mako push Jake to get back to Pan Pacific Defense Corp(PPDC) a Jaeger Program that train young pilots. Jake dropped the training after kicked out by his father, Stacker, So, you can say he's not thrill getting back to PPDC as a trainer. This is when they introduces all the new Jaegers they have, 
  • Bracer Phoenix
  • Guardian Bravo
  • Saber Athena
  • Titan Redeemer

   Jake continue to show laid back attitude as PPDC trainer but then change his tune when her sister, Mako died (I hate this part btw). A rogue but advance Jaeger appear, Obsidian Fury with a great amount of skill and attack a summit of Shao Industries with a board to approve a dron like control on Jaeger, means you sit in a different building far away while controlling a Jaeger(much like what Iron Man used to do it). A woman responsible for this idea is Liwen Shao (Tian Jing). You would think halfway of the movie that this woman is the antagonist but I kid you not, you would be a bit surprise to found out the real one isn't her. Tian Jing also great at play her character, with iron clad principal and lady boss attitude.

   There are also two more distinct characters that you would meet again, the brainers duo, Dr. Newton Geiszler(Charlie Day) & Herman Gottlieb(Burn Gorman). Let just say this movies full of great characters, because you would fall in love with this two character as well. They play great as  the specialist on Kaiju. The movie climax developed when the Obsidian Fury was defeated and they found man made Kaiju inside. The combination of Jeager and Kaiju, this is a great development in the storyline if you ask me. The epic battle between Gypsy Avenger & Obsidian Fury is also a scene you would not find in the first movie, a Jaeger vs Jaeger that is. Kudos for the writers and director.  Guillermo del Toro,  Travis Beacham (screenplay) &  Guillermo del Toro (screenplay).  The fight scenes seems real enough and they don't overwhelmed you by switching scenes from inside a Jaeger to outside of it too fast.

   What can I say about Pacific Rim uprising is that they create a believable feeling of the future by not exaggerate some things. The complex control of the Jaeger also contribute to this. Especially the Neural Handshake thingy that I think kinda cool. The main character is paired with Nate Lambert(Scott Eastwood), a guy that seems like his rival in love and everything apparently. It kinda make sense in the end that they are compatible since they fight but treat each other like a family. You would think Jake would piloting with Amara, and you think right. The last fight scene is where that happen. This is also a great example of its good storyline, as the two character, Jake and Amara introduced, they has separate stories and obstacles that they need to overcome and in the end they are reunited in Gypsy Avenger, piloting together side by side.

   I want to tell you more and put some more compliment on the movies but this review would turn into a book. So, onto the last fight scene. The scenes shows us all the Jaegers that I have mentioned above, and they fighting three Kaiju that heading for Mount Fuji (this is where the Kaiju heading from the start, since they appeared in the first movie). They show some badass moves and it seems like they could win the fight, the Jaegars. However, the antagonist appear and made the Kaiju combine! That's right, they combine just like Zoids in Power Rangers!!! This is when things turn ugly, with Guardian Bravo pilots making a mistake leads to a second death scene. At last, as most of you might suspect already, only Gypsy Avenger stand with Nate heavily injured. This is when Amara came to the rescue. Of course they defeat the Mega Kaiju, but I will not tell you how, watch for yourself. You also in for a surprise when another Jaegar will come in at the last minute. It's not November Ajax by the way, I wonder where that guy went. 

   There are some small credit scene at the end that suggest a third movie is coming up. I sure hope the Jaegers will heavily upgraded by then, perhaps they could combine too :p (but that would becoming cliche wouldn't it?). All and all, Pacific Rim Uprising is a good enough movie for you to watch it in iMAX! The big screen sure brings out more feeling to the audiences. Some tips, you would not want to settle just in the middle like in standard seat if you watch in iMAX. Go all the way to the back! :) . Enjoy your weekend with your loved ones folks. Pacific Rim Uprising gets double approval from Ibrahim Khaziq! 

TOMB RAIDER REVIEW : Start to End Action

Watched! IMAX!!!
Time           :10:45 pm
Day            : Saturday
Date           : 10th March 2018
   Tomb Raider is back again! Who's don't recognize Lara Croft, The Tomb Raider? A cool badass video game character that brought to live by an actress with the same vibe Angelina Jolie. However, in this new adaptation, Lara Croft was played by Alicia Vikander. She is the actress that had starred in The Man from U.N.C.L.E (which is a great movie too by the way). This Tomb Raider bring us to see the origin of Lara Croft, where it all started when her father left her while she was a kid. Alicia Vikander surely a great choice to replace Angelina as she seems to be able to bring out the character charm.
   The movie started with Lara in a gym getting whooped by her opponent. It shows a side of her life after her father missing for the past 7 years and she refusing to admit it hence, pass her chance to gain the Croft's wealth. Like it said in the title, the action start all almost immediately and it never stop. The bicycle chasing scene is awesome to watch and shows the competitive characteristic of Lara. A guardian of Lara introduced after the scene, played by Kristin Scott Thomas, an employee of Croft Company. She advice Lara to take in all the wealth by declaring that Lara's father, Lord Richard (Dominic West) is officially dead (practically a fishy character :p ). At this point is where the adventure starts when Lara come across her father puzzle, left for her.
   The legend of Himiko. This is what Lara's father researching before disappearing. Himiko is said to be a Queen with a black magic that could kill someone just by touch. The Queen was banished and buried in an island that no one ever step foot in. It is said that if someone get to Himiko, they will possess great power that could destroy the entire world. Sounds familiar? :P . Just like previous Tomb Raider movie, Himiko is more or less the Pandora Box. As for the followers of Tomb Raider you could almost sure that a legend is never turn out to be like it was told in the movie, all I could say is, this movie still follow that rule. (Not gonna ruin it that much heheheh)
   That's enough on the story background. As for the movie itself, it is packed with actions when and getting rougher when Daniel Wu character is introduced, Lu Ren. From a storm in the Devil's Triangle to the heart pounding waterfall scene. Lara couldn't stop attract danger to herself and you will certainly would feel like to shout, "just stop it already!" and pray someone couldsave the poor girl. Applause to the director,  Roar Uthaug for giving the audience such a wild ride, which also seems to be come from Alicia effort as well. She successfully follow Angelina Jolie for the part. On the other hand, Dominic West acting isn't so convincing to watch as a loving father that torn between her daughter and the responsibility to the world, as a Croft family. Sure you could feel the sadness, in the flashback scenes when he left Lara but when Lara found him alive in the island, after that the fatherly sacrifice just can not be felt from the screen (*spoiler alert*).
     The antagonist played by Walton Goggins, Mathias Vogel is acceptable though. The guy could convince you that he is evil to the core without even say a word. There's in a fact a scene where he shot a sick guy without saying a word and just look at Lara and Lu Ren with his gun to pointed to them. I bet Alicia is actually felt scared a little while filming the scene, or you know, she just that good in acting.
  Last but not least, the tomb raid scene itself. It remind audiences on all other Tomb Raider movies when Lara is force to solve the puzzles inside a tomb and take the bad guys to the treasure, or in this case, mass destruction weapon. It always fascinating to watch Lara Croft solving one puzzle after another and you could also join in thinking on how to solve it all. To wrap up, this movie is a great adaptation and continuation of Lara Croft. At first watching the trailer, I have my doubt that Alicia could play the character as good as Angelina but she has put her own touch to the character that we could see a hint of Angelina when she played the role before. The storyline isn't so boring and the action after action after action after action scenes that stacked upon in it, makes it even better. I can't wait to watch more.
   All in all, Tomb Raider movie is approved by Ibrahim Khaziq, and by the way I watched it in IMAX! So, it double the fun I guess. Go watch it! It's still Sunday after all. Or you know, you could always take a leave on Monday to watch a movie. XD . Until next time.

WINCHESTER REVIEW : Failed Presentation

   Time           : 9:20 pm
   Day            : Friday
   Date           : 2nd March 2018
   Winchester. This is a a movie that put under thriller/fantasy category. Although it was a fantasy, the background story for it, is very real. Winchester is a family name for a guy that own a company that produce weapons like a rifle and such. When her husband died, the widow built a house that so big, it has hundreds of room. The construction never stops till the day she died. This is the base used for this movie. I like the background story because I've heard it before from Ghost Adventure and it is interesting indeed.
 However, the Spierig brothers  Michael& Peter  story line is not quite interesting, let me tell you that before we start. The main character is a psychological doctor played by Jason Clarkethat just lost a wife by Winchester guns. The widow played by Helen Mirren and basically the plot was revolving on the fact that the doctor need to do an assessment on the widow to clarify if she is sane enough to handle the company her husband left her with. The widow has a mysterious air around her at first but when they have a conversation, that vibe is gone. They also kept repeating a scene where the doctor wander around the house (without lost his way apparently) and get surprise by some of the ghosts in the house. If you ask me, those scenes are not nearly enough compared to any other ghost film. 
   I always said that horror film usually get 5 or 6 (except for IT adapted from Stephen King's book) on its rating because they are all the same. They has a lot of surprise elements and scary background. However, this one has one more element that should gives it an advantage, which is a 'based on true event' element. The director should implied that a lot more and make it a realistic scary movie. However, they failed to do so as the plot is much the same as any other made up ghost film and that was a let down really. 
   The plot is predictable, as the stories goes and I bet you could guess who is the ghost they are looking for right at the first half of the movie. I mean this is one of the most haunted house in the world! They should put in all the typical true ghost story to add on the chilliness in the air, like scary sounds in the middle of the night, a doppelganger, shadowy figure and stuffs, but they went on surprise you with one or two ghosts that well, make you jump a little but it just isn't chilly and scary enough. Frankly I'm surprise they get a 5.4 from IMDb, I think 4 should be enough.
   Finally, the most comical and weakest scene yet, the last encounter. The ghost they encounter is so strong and it release all the spirits in the house. It is like you were watching an X-Men movie, especially when the ghost control all the guns. It is like you watch Jane or Professor X fighting with their telekinesis. It is a ridiculous scene and I laugh while it happen. I am just sorry I don't has any nice words for this movie because I really love the background story. The only good thing to see in the movie is the house itself, if you're into that I guess.
All in all, Winchester has failed in its presentation for the true event that should be its main attraction. Winchester is disapproved by Ibrahim Khaziq, go watch it if only you has time to waste. Thank you.

BLACK PANTHER REVIEW : Quite different & refreshing setting

   Time           : 5pm
   Day            : Sunday
   Date           : 16th February 2018
   Black Panther is out folks. This movie is the another Marvel Studios production that would set up the Avenger : Infinity War. The setting for this movie is the continuation of Captain America : Civil War where the T'Challa / Black Panther (Chadwick Bosemanfather died and he is crown as the new King. Much like Civil War, Black Panther is revolving around that or to be more precise, a Tribe War. However, it is a war to gain the crown.
  The movie is quite different from the other Marvel movies as the main character is a King himself a.k.a Black Panther the superhero. He has a strong sense of justice and responsibility as both King and superhero. As a premiere movie, it is quite a good one as Black Panther origin story is being told, and his Nation, Wakanda is introduced. The combination of tribe's tradition and advance technology is combined and it gives viewer a refresh view of Marvel universe. Well, apart from Thor, the descendant of King Odin I guess, but  Black Panther is a King himself. While, Wakanda is a secluded nation that thought to be a 3rd World Nation but in fact one of the most advance Nation in the world that is hidden from plain sight.

   Vibranium is once again present in this Marvel story and it is a huge part of Black Panther tribe's background. The antagonist on this one is T'Challa / Black Panther's cousin himself, Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan). He plays a great character as a rival to Black Panther to get on the throne and when he also puts on the suit, it just awesome to watch, a clash between Silver Black Panther & Gold Black Panther. However, even the fight scenes is quite great  Ryan Coogler (the director) shows some lack of skills on presenting Black Panther fighting movement. The character should has more flexibility and panther like movement in fighting. That being said, the fight scenes still gives viewers some satisfaction in my opinion.

   Watching this movie is like watching or playing DOTA games, due to the tribe-ish setting. The character of The Great Gorilla, M'Baku (Winston Duke) is especially has DOTA kind of vibe, and he's a fun character to watch. Other than all the unique characters, you'd also found that the techs and gadgets used by Black Panther is fascinating and well lets admit it, cool. The techs expert in the movie is represent by Black Panther's sister, Shuri (Letitia Wright). It's like watching a female Tony Stark at work. It would be awesome to watch Shuri, Banner and Tony Stark collaboration in upcoming Avenger movies I'd say. Who knows, maybe Stark the Iron Man will become a 'Vibranium' Man. XD
pt_blackpanther_characterposter_killmonger_2347cd00  180215-blackpanther5974ce8669fc7-ac-707p_190cace2a6ad42dfbb1385b04652a1fe.fit-320w 

   The tribe war breaks during the last hour of the movie and even it is a small scale one it is still one of the best scene in the movie. It shows Black Panther resolve and determination. After the war, T'Challa once again as a King start to reach out to the outside world and you could see this is a starting line of him becoming one of The Avengers.

   As any Marvel movies, Black Panther also has credit scene and in fact, it has two. One is where T'Challa give a speech in a United Nations Conference and promise to give aid to the world by sharing Wakanda knowledge and techs. The other one is more significant as it is might be a setup for Infinity War. The scene shows Bucky (Sebastian Stan), Captain America's friend from The Winter Soldier. As you already know, in Civil War, Captain America and Black Panther brought Bucky to a facility and try to heal his mind from being controlled by Hydra. The credit scene in Black Panther shows Bucky in a hut and still missing an arm. The kids around him called him White Wolf. This is a character that much like a sidekick to Black Panther in the comic book. So, the scene practically tell us that Bucky will the Black Panther sidekick and more likely to join the Infinity War and definitely Black Panther 2.

   All in all, it is a great movie and I guess it's time to rate the movie now. I hate to rate in numbers so as always I'll just say, Black Panther, is totally approved by Ibrahim Khaziq! :) . Even I don't tell you to go watch it, I think you would go any, being a Marvel fan an all. So, enjoy the movie guys!