Friday, March 13, 2015

Work from home

Asslamualaikum and hi...... :)
Recently I've been thinking to start joining any online works. You know, a business where you need to find people to join on advertising online.

JUST WORK FROM HOME. That's just like a writer, right? :)

So, my point is I just found one. Introduced by a trusted friend of mine. So....I trust her. :D

You just need to find people to join you. Not just that You'll also can advertise their advertisement for a side income. Yes, you need effort to gain success.

You can't gain something from doing nothing, no?

It's a good business I tell you. A lot of the members gain at least RM500 a week if they get active in finding people. :)

Anybody interested? Come and join, Leave your phone number on this post. I'll whatsapp you guys.

Come on!!! :D :D :D

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Ok, Now, I've joined a segment hosted by Papaglamz. 
he is one of a popular blogger. So, he make a segment for promoting a school that wanna build their own musolla. So, I join it to both promote and spread the news to others so we can give out help. And yes, I wanna more readers and followers for my blog, but two birds with one stone right. 
Doing some amal and blogwalking. Both.

So, for those who stumble upon my entry, please spread it!!! :)
via media social or other means it doesn't matter. If we spread the news, InshaAllah we too could gained some of the pahala as we spread a good news to others for other to have the opportunity to help those in needs. 

Even, a penny has some worth. Even spreading the words has some worth. This kind of thinking is needed in today society. :D

So.......spread the WORDS!!! 


Supplements and Vitamins

Assalamualaikum and Hi guys..................
Well, I've finish on the random thoughts of mine....for now. :)
The new semester in UiTM Shah Alam has start and I had my first class. A Biocatalyst class. My lecturer talking about enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Then he gives out his opinions on the Vitamins and Supplements that produce in pills. Means that it's not from the natural source such as fruits and veggies.

He said that he's a supplements skeptics. I think what he said was just logic don't you think? I mean, we as a human being supposedly born in perfect conditions which all the nutrients, energy or support we need has been provided for us, where? In this very Earth of course. Right? We don't need any pills or chemicals for us to survive or to be healthy for that matter. Fruits, Vegetables, Meats, Fish.......all food source in this earth are full of nutrients that is enough for us human. It's just that, we human doesn't really take the full advantages of them all.

Healthy food is what we need in our life. Yes, some said that he/she eat fish, meats or vegetables for healthy diet. However, it need to be cooked in a healthy manner first then it'll be a healthy food. If you want protein from fish, then you eat it fried? Do you think you can gain the full amount of protein from the fish? Of course not.

I said this but me myself always eat fried food. Not that you can't eat them, it's just we need to reduce the intake is all. That's my opinion at least.

So, to support this entry of mine, I wanna try to consume healthy food in my daily life. :)

I'm not saying I'm gonna stop taking fried food at this very instant. The crave is there but I'll try my very best to control it and gonna try the new, healthy menu. Where can I get it? Well, from the internet of course.

One more thing, I also gonna create another blog that will be named as 'Try & Error  & Istiqamah"
It will be dedicated for the new things that I'll start to try in my life from this moment onward. I'll write about the activities I'm gonna try and the results of the trial. :D
Then, if I can make it my routine (Istiqamah).

This is a boring entry huh? Well, I'll try to speed up my third short story progress and let you guys read and critics.